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This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting with Shana of East West Events. She does some great work and is loads of fun to be around. On top of that, not only does she do weddings but she splits her time working event planning for non-profits and charitable associations as well. Talk about an all-around great human being. So if anyone is looking for a wedding planner that rocks, Shana is your girl!

More information about Shana and East West wedding planning services can be found on their website or blog.

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One of my brides is going to be making an appearance with Bob Saget on ABC’s new sitcom “Surviving Suburbia.” Prepare to fall in love with her: she is super hilarious and a great all-around knockout doll. But fellas, don’t get your heart set just yet….she is getting married come November.

So get the Tivo cracking and set it up for ABC at 9:30pm right after “Dancing With the Stars.” I know I’m excited to see her in the show. Watch it and see her from the start. I hear TMZ is already staking her out at the airport ;D But Lyndsey don’t forget: no paparazzi allowed at the wedding!! Congratulations Lyndsey!

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