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Malibu Meadows, Los Angeles, California

It’s been a little while and I’m a bit behind on my blog posts, but I wanted to share an engagement session that I photographed in the Malibu hills. This is the second part of Kimey & Victor’s shoot that we finished up the day after taking some engagement photographs at the Viceroy Hotel. We couldn’t have asked for more from our afternoon in Malibu. The weather was perfect and the place is absolutely gorgeous! We headed out, excited to make a day of it armed with a picnic basket full of snacks and some fun board games to pass the time.

With the sun on our face and smiles in hand, we spent the afternoon running around open meadows and wild fields. It is truly amazing there. The relaxing sound of the nearby babbling creek, the warmth of the California sun and the abundance of wildlife everywhere…it is all rather dreamy and enchanting. I can’t think of a better place for an afternoon picnic in Los Angeles. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I’m always amazed at what this city has to offer. Who’d have thought a couple miles from downtown LA that you could find such a serene and rustic place like this. I guess Los Angeles isn’t as all Hollywood glitz and concrete drab that we usually think it to be, there are plenty of hidden gems like this. I’m excited for summer and the opportunity it’ll provide to explore more of the hidden parts of Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy the photographs from the picnic and meadow engagement session shoot we did.open_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rusticMalibu has such lovely fields of gold and rolling hills that go on forever. Wildflowers are everywhere!open_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyThe perfect place for an afternoon picnic…under the shade of a huge tree!open_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyWhat a fun way to pass the afternoon! Laying on a fuzzy blanket sprawled out over green grass with some board games to pass the time. It reminds me of those blissful youthful days of being a kid and not having a worry in the air.open_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyRoll the dice and take a chance on your crush :)open_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyopen_meadows_wild_field_dreamy_romantic_california_sun_rustic_anthropolgie_engagement_photographyCongratulations Kimey & Victor. Photographing your wedding is going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it!

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