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Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, CSULB, Long Beach, California

Japanese tea gardens and romance are quite the perfect match…and Jeff couldn’t agree more! So one warm Spring evening, Jeff reserved the entire Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden for a private and romantic candlelit dinner for two.  Jeff and his girlfriend, Megan, arrived at the japanese tea garden front entrance, paused for a second to enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the gardens, traded quick smiles back to each other and then Jeff quietly lead her to a dinner table overlooking the gardens.  Before sitting down for dinner he suggested taking a slow stroll around the gardens so they could enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Japanese gardens.  As they walked through a maze of bamboo and carefully arranged rock gardens, they crossed a bridge and Jeff got down on one knee and proposed his love for her.  It was a magical moment when Jeff anebd Megan, with one ring and a few words took their first steps to a new life together.  What a way to propose, so romantic!  Congratulations on the engagement!

A few weeks prior to all this, I received a phone call from Jeff asking if I would help photograph his surprise proposal at the EBM Japanese Gardens.  I love these type of inquiries.  Over here at Long Photography we love hopeless romantics (guess we’re one too)!  In the course of our phone call, Jeff started telling bits and pieces of his plan to propose.  I couldn’t help but tell Jeff a bunch of times that his girlfriend is going to love it.  It’s so special when guys go out of their way to show their love.  By the end of the conversation we had bounced a few ideas off each other and I had vowed to show off my ninja skills and stay hidden throughout the magic of his upcoming moment.  Here are a few photos of it all.

EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalThe peaceful beauty of the Earl Burns Miller Japanese garden.  The way the light peeks around each corner is enchanting and makes this place truly magical.  Jeff couldn’t have chosen a more romantic and special place to get engaged.EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalRight before the surprise proposal.  Here are the two snaking their way through the japanese tea gardens.  I was crouched in fetal position, tucked away from sight behind some bushes.  The two of them looks so happy.EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalJeff couldn’t have selected a better location in the Japanese garden.  He stopped right under a blanket of poppy trees to pause and reflect about their lives.  Here are some photographs of the moments right before and after the engagement proposal unfolding before your eyes.EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalMegan spots me tucked away!  She’s laughing at my ridiculously strange fetal crouched position that I had to hide away in.  Haha, it’s the only way I could stay hidden!EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalJeff planned a super private and romantic dinner.  What a stud!  He had the facilities setup a candlit table that overlook the coyfish pond.  What a way to sweep a girl off her feet.  They had dinner privately catered from her favorite restaurant.EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalThe happy freshly engaged couple.EBM_CSULB_surprise_proposalEBM_CSULB_surprise_proposal

There’s nothing like the glow of two people in young.  What a day full of surprise and magic.  Congratulations on an amazing engagement.  So much thought and love went into this proposal, I’m sure you two will have a blessed life together.

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