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Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, Los Angeles, California

Outdoor weddings at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu are always a blast.  The Calamigos Ranch has such an enchanting rustic charm which fit Rebekah and Adam perfectly.  This couldn’t be a more perfect wedding venue for the two!  Their down-to-earth nature and their love of the outdoors embodies everything about the Calamigos Ranch’s style. It was an excellent and fitting choice to celebrate their love for each other.

A couple days before their wedding, the los angeles weather decided to play a trick on us and it oddly enough started raining pretty hard.  We were all a bit concerned that the storm might persist into the wedding day.  However, despite that the forecasts predicted a rainy Saturday, these two were troopers through it all.  They kept fingers crossed and miraculously the day was perfect.  Good weather held up and the wedding was beautiful.  The Calamigos Ranch looked gorgeous and Rebekah and Adam glowed like the two young people they are in love.  I had a ton of fun shooting their wedding, here’s a look at a few photos from their wedding day at the Calamigos Ranch in Malibu.

calamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetTwo of the cutest ringbearers ever!  Way cool outfits and high fives all the way around!calamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetNothing more romantic than getting married under a tall oak tree.calamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wetcalamigos_ranch_wedding_malibu_rain_fun_wet

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Calamigos Ranch set the perfect stage and even the rainy weather stopped to pause and hold its breath for Rebekah and Adam to get married.  It was an enchanting day.  I had tons of fun at Calamigos Ranch, congratulations the two of you!

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