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Our close and talented friend Mo surprised us this past weekend with an incredible post-wedding gift. Look at this thing…isn’t it amazing, it reeks of pure awesomeness! We were totally floored and at a loss for words when he presented this painting to us. Everything is hand painted with an airbrush – the detail is absolutely remarkable. Hah, maybe too remarkable…it’s almost scary how realistic he captured ourselves in 2-D airbrush action! Mo totally rocked this painting and brought it to life not just with the astonishing portraits, but also with a ton of personal details that he incorporated. In past lives, we had an affinity for trainspotting and graffiti. Everything from our favorite colors to our interests and even to including our wedding date, Mo made sure to make this painting uniquely our own. Even the format of the painting is golden.  Do you see it…he designed the canvas to look like a polaroid photo.  Way cool, huh.

I’ve known Mo for years and he’s probably one of the best Los Angeles portrait airbrushers in the business. His airbrush skills and video work are simply amazing. We’ve long been fans of his work and he’s been a great friend over the years. Here are some photos I quickly snapped of the painting he gave Annie and me.

los angeles airbrushing portraits

los angeles airbrushing portraits

Finding a home for this on our walls was a bit tough…so many choices!  In the end, we decided it would be nice company right next to our woolly wally.

los angeles airbrushing portraits

los angeles airbrushing portraits

A closeup shot.  Look at the amazing detail…all handpainted!

los angeles airbrushing portraits

Thanks Mo, the painting is awesome and it’s hanging up proudly in our living room.  We owe you big time for this.

Wedding Fever

April 26, 2011

My own upcoming wedding is right around the corner.  A strange but pleasant mix of excitement, anticipation, neverousness and overjoyment are buzzing all about my head.  Luckily, life has been so busy that I haven’t had time to dwell on all these new and unfound emotions.  I recently just finished putting together a guest sign-in book of photos of Annie and me.  It’s a collective assortment of random photos we’ve taken of each other throughout the past couple years.  Flipping back through archives of nostalgia, it’s calming moments like this which make me eager in anticipation for our upcoming wedding day.  Looking at the final result, I realize how much we’ve shared and been through, and all the uncreated future memories we have in store with each other.  Thought I’d post a few excerpt spreads from our guest sign-in book.


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